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Real Estate Transactions: Residential And Commercial

Cleveland Attorney James P. Cullen can assist you or your company in the sale, lease and/or acquisition of real estate. Services can include the following:

Commercial Real Estate. Business real estate purchases can be fraught with concerns including environmental and structural issues. It is critical that the seller or purchaser of commercial real estate understand the potential liabilities associated with such an acquisition. Careful contract drafting of the purchase agreement and a thorough structural and environmental inspection of the property can address and safeguard the legal concerns associated with commercial real estate transactions.

Commercial Leases. Businesses frequently will lease space for their operations. Commercial leases can often be voluminous, confusing, contradictory and full of potential trouble areas for prospective tenants. Attorney Cullen can assist you and your company in reviewing lease agreements so as to minimize your company's exposure to significant liabilities. The most important issue with leases is frequently the duty to repair building systems including plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. Limiting a tenant's exposure to those repairs is an important topic involving a business lease.

Residential Real Estate. The sale of residential real estate also can contain potential legal pitfalls. A seller will want to minimize their risk of legal exposure by insisting on an "As Is" sale. A purchaser will want to review carefully all disclosure documents and arrange for a thorough inspection of the potential residence. Attorney Cullen can assist you and your family in navigating through the process of the purchase or sale of residential real estate.

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