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Business & Commercial Law

Cleveland Attorney James P. Cullen can provide your and your company with expert legal advice involving your business. Services include the following:

Business start-ups. Selection of a business entity for new start-up enterprises is a frequent and popular client request. Shareholder / member agreements and succession planning are frequently discussed at the beginning of a new business venture. The use of limited liability companies is particularly popular at this time so as to maximize tax advantages, maintain limited legal liability, and facilitate the most efficient form of business ownership.

Custom contract drafting. Many companies find it advantageous to use Cleveland attorney James P. Cullen to assist in the drafting of customized contracts for their companies. Such contracts can include specialized commercial leases, real estate acquisitions, equipment purchases, lending arrangements, sales representation agreements and virtually any other type of business agreement. Worst case scenarios are frequently discussed so that such contingencies can be adequately addressed in a particular contract.

Business litigation. Inevitably, disputes and litigation are a constant fact of commercial life. Ohio attorney James P. Cullen can assist you and your company in analyzing the best way to handle such matters including the impact of insurance, bankruptcy, and legal expenses. If necessary, lawsuits can be filed to protect your company's interest and to collect on fees and invoices that are due your firm.

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